Strategy & Ideation

Studiolo Secondari is a design consultancy that facilitates business transformation through integrating Design innovation with business thinking. Studiolo Secondari facilitates business transformation through Design by working collaboratively, diving deep into problems, learning all we can by listening deeply and researching. Solutions come from collaborative engagement and creative epiphanies. Ultimately, we want to exceed the expectations of our clients, their audiences, and ourselves.


"Why Mark Up Matters" Linda explains how designing with coded content (markup) liberates the design process rather than limiting it. Designers can easily understand the relationships between text elements. Mark up facilitates effective repurposing by demonstrating how different types of content are more similar than not. Mark Up supports efficient production methods.

"Managing Change Creatively", in this presentation, Linda explains the techniques she deployed to empower her print based design staff to dream big and recreate themselves into medium agnostic design solutions providers. 


OED Re-Visioning Project

The OED Re-Visioning ideation was an internal investigation by the Design group and lead by Linda. Representatives of all key areas including marketing, sales, editorial, design, and branding were involved in a multi part ideation exercise which took place over several days in diverse locations. Challenges included identifying and defining cultural variances with regard to the Oxford University Press brand, as well as reimagining the role of the dictionary in a web 2.0 environment.

Pages from Re_Visioning Oxford Dictionaries.jpg

Case Studies

We identified early in the brand ideation process that there were challenges to successfully implementing a tight logo solution for a brand of OUP's range and dimension. Case study examples of companies that had successfully undergone similar transitions were presented to illustrate best practices and act as thought pieces.

Hero Brands

As part of the ideation exercise warm up we researched brands that had similar challenges and strengths to identify best practices. The New York Times was one of brand heroes!

Mood Boards For Brand

Elements for inspiration in the development of the brand including typography, color, texture, and style.